Losing It On Your Wedding Day

In PR Newswire, State Farm released an attention grabbing news release holding its consumers on a royal status. The article opens with the hot topic of the upcoming royal wedding, and how much Kate Middleton’s wedding ring cost, proposing that no one wants to lose anything they spent such a great amount of money on.

State Farm hopes to pull customers in and purchase insurance for their expensive jewelry items. This policy State Farm is offering will cover things that normal homeowners insurance does not cover, such as accidental loss of something, i.e dropping a diamond ring down the sink drain.

State Farm uses multiple key writing stategies for its impressive new release:

  • Catchy and engaging title; “Losing It On Your Wedding Day
  • Compelling lede; Royal Wedding based.
  • Avoids jargon and technical terms
  • Stresses the benefits State Farm’s policy provides
  • Short and crisp

State Farm’s royal wedding approach really caught the attention of the reader, as well as provided a direct and informational way of presenting their new policy. The straightforward and clear-cut news release by State Farm was and exceptional way of how to write for an audience.

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