Food for Thought

The recent convocation on the campus of Elon University offered students an opportunity to hear NBC news anchor Brian Williams and other panel members speak on important issues of today.

The panel conversation offered students with a lot of ideas, and one liners that resonated through so many attendees.

Eboo Patel, the founder and executive director of Interfaith Youth Core, offered an inspirational quote that gave hope regarding religious acceptance and standing for what you believe in.

“When the night is most dark, the stars shine the brightest.”

David M. Walker, another panelist who is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Comeback America Initiative, had an intriguing quote that put our Nations debt into perspective for everyone in the audience.

“Every American owes over $200,00 with our nations allotted debts.”

David Levin, who is the co-founder of Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP), also offered words of inspiration to all in attendance.

“Once a kid likes coming to school, believes they can do it, then anything is possible.”

Levin also spoke about the right attitude and approach to have while working through life.

“Work hard, be nice.  We work to improve character and the academics.”

David Gergen, who has advised four presidents and works for CNN, also had a message for Americans in regards to facing our problems.

“We have become so addicted to not facing up to our issues, but instead let them stay, fester and let them grow.”

Gergen also made an analogy regarding facing our issues head on.

“Americans are good when a wolf is at the door, but not so good when termites are in the basement.”

The convocation was an incredible experience for all who attended.  The members of the panel offered insight into issues of today while also providing thoughts on possible solutions.

Gergen had the quote that summed up the solution process in simplest terms.

“It takes a long time to get hard work done.”

While it is not what people may have wanted to hear, it is simply the truth and something we all should think about.

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