Public Relations

Everyday journalism and Public Relations journalism are different in a number of ways.  The main difference between the two types of media is found in their ultimate goals.

Public Relations press releases ultimate goal is to generate good will towards its client while normal journalisms ultimate goal is to inform the public.

The main goals of working in public relations for an organization includes but is not limited to:

  • Writing news releases
  • Organizing news conferences
  • Coordinating crisis communications
  • Attending conferences and delivering speeches

BYU recently had a crisis of its own to handle, as the university dealt with a student athlete violating the university honor code.

Sophomore center Brandon Davies was dismissed from the Cougars basketball team because he had sex with his girlfriend before marriage, a violation of the universities honor code that is heavily based on Mormon principles.

The university did not release many statements, rather just anecdotes towards the public that stated the situation and the dismissal of the sophomore center.

In the future, the university can do a better job of releasing a statement for the public to read.

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