Questions with Brian

The students of Elon University had a chance to have a question and answer period with NBC news anchor Brian Williams the day after his convocation speech.

The Q&A period lasted about 50 minutes, and had students ask questions ranging from Williams’ personal success to any advice he could give for students to achieve their own.

Williams prefaced the Q&A period by giving some background information on his own life, mainly that he was a college dropout who achieved success because he had a “fire burning inside” to become a journalist.

Students asked simple, but riveting questions to Williams, who always seemed to have the perfect answer.

The question that seemed to be asked most often, each student phrasing it in their own terms, was simply “what advice to you have for us students as aspiring journalist?”

Williams did not take much time to reflect and think about an answer, rather just speaking the truth, speaking bluntly and honestly.

Hang on and keep pushing.  If you have a fire burning inside you to be a journalist, stay after it.

Williams continued on to explain his point further.

If you know you want to be a journalist, do not let anything stop you.  But the minute you start question yourself, having other careers that you may want to pursue, you’re done.”

Williams related that reference to his own life, speaking about how he was a volunteer firefighter who had dropped out of college, but still stuck after his incredible dream to become a news anchor.

The question and answer period with Brian Williams allowed students to have first hand insight into what it takes to become successful in the field of journalism.

Brian Williams, a college dropout, is a testament to his own advice.  Hang on and keep pushing.  If you have the passion and fire to become a news anchor, you can do it.

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